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KLM, Inc.® Management Consultation provides executive and management consultation, strategic thinking, and business planning for companies, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, and government.

While providing the full range of traditional strategic and business planning services, KLM, Inc. also specializes in developing strategy for the intangible knowledge-based assets of the modern economy such as intellectual capital, brands, intellectual property portfolios, and knowledge, as follows:

1) Strategic Planning
Strategic planning activities, including, situation analysis, industry and market analyses, competitive analyses, SWOPT analyses (“strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, problems, and threats”), the identification of key issues, gap analysis, mission statements, corporate strategy, long-term planning, scenario planning, action plans, and project management services

2) Strategic Brand Management
Brand strategy and brand positioning services, brand creation and definition, brand auditing, brand equity strategy, brand architecture, brand management, product portfolio management and product line rationalization, brand revitalization, marketing strategy, and the marketing of products, services, and ideas.

3) Intellectual Asset Management

As the knowledge-based economy expands, the companies that possess intangible, intellectual assets need the specialized expertise, strategic thinking, legal experience, and wisdom necessary to manage intellectual assets.

KLM, Inc. offers advanced Intellectual Asset Management Services to handle all of the affairs related to the creation, management, optimization, and monetization of intangible assets, intellectual capital, intellectual assets, knowledge-based assets, and intellectual property for strategic planning purposes.

KLM, Inc. has established strategic alliances with a number of law firms, accounting houses, securities brokerages, and legal, accounting, financial, and regulatory specialists to provide third-party services for our clients when they are needed to fulfill strategic deliverables.

KLM offers a full range of Intellectual Asset Management services that demonstrate our commitment to providing management consultation services that are uniquely required by enterprise and government in the modern knowledge based economy, such as:

a) Intellectual Asset Audits, designed to identify and map all intangible intellectual assets and intellectual property portfolios within an organization, survey their status and opportunity, and prepare strategic recommendations.

b) Intellectual Asset Strategy and Planning services, that include developing strategic plans intended to leverage intangible intellectual assets to deliver companies competitive advantage in the marketplace, drive market capitalization, enhance company valuation, and build quantifiable brand equity. KLM, Inc. assumes responsibility to manage complex IP portfolios in service to strategic deliverables, to formalize knowledge for IP protection, and to ensure the development of intellectual property assets.

c) Commercializing Innovation and Invention by establishing invention disclosure and assessment systems, analyzing market opportunities, and by undertaking product or service development to enhance return on R&D investment.

d) Intellectual Asset Risk Management services, our allied law firms can assist our clients with trademark search and clearance, patentability assessments, confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements, intellectual property agreements and licensing arrangements, and regulatory guidance on FDA, FTC, BATF, and SEC matters.

e) IP Monetization, Securitization, Brand Valuation, and the range of financial services that are necessary to establish and preserve the value of intangible assets such as brands, patents, IP portfolios, to ensure their use as collateral in business transactions, or the efficient handling of intangible  properties in the liquidation or acquisition of properties in financial markets.

f) IP Holding Company formation, operation, and the strategic management and deployment of IP portfolios, stick or carrot licensing, patent trolling, and the administration of licensing arrangements and intellectual property portfolios.

[DISCLAIMER:  KLM, Inc. Management Consultation is not a law firm, accounting house, or security brokerage and its does not itself formulate or provide legal advice, certified accounting determinations, or perform financial market transactions. Insofar as the services KLM, Inc. provides to its clients require such services, those services are engaged by the company on behalf of clients and delivered by the professional strategic alliance partners of KLM, Inc.]

For further information, contact: Dr. Lindsay Moore at (303) 823-2476,

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