Thursday, July 18, 2024


Modern "marketing" is the tool of modern branding. It concerns itself with brand-building, market analysis, and the execution of a strategy that ensures the penetration of selected niches within industries and economic sectors.Today, marketing is the tactical side of branding.

Social Responsibility and the Commercialization of Society

While the pursuit of growth and profits continues to rule daily life within the corporate world, a growing number of businesses are also measuring their success against one of the most fundamental ethical principles of business – that of “social responsibility.”

Making Marketing Strategic

Marketing, as a functional discipline, has had to reinvent itself more than once during the last decade. Remember the distinction in the 1980s between “sales oriented” and “marketing oriented” companies? The first big change was during the early 1990s when marketing was routed from it pedestal in “marketing oriented” companies to become the handmaiden of branding…

Liberation Marketing and Consumer Society

Corporate marketers and advertising agencies eventuated “Liberation Marketing” to trump Lifestyle Marketing. The theory was that brands would pose as revolutionaries acting on our individual behalf by selling the apparatus of “cool,” “hip,” “alternative” – without of course ever actually being cool, hip, or alternative themselves.

Brand Faceting and Marketing Strategy

Managing the growth and change of a Brand has always been difficult, requiring both art and wisdom. Most Brands are either over-managed and not allowed to change, or not managed at all and allowed to drift or even languish without strategic guidance or direction. The real art is to manage your Brand in such a way as to respect its natural expression. There is an art to it.

Changing Global Demographics

Population growth and sustained consumption are necessary to fuel the continued development of modern capitalism, both to provide a constant work force to drive productivity, and to ensure ongoing marketplace demand. The predicted population changes will, therefore, have profound implications for both business and the economy.

Two Approaches to Reinventing Marketing

As capitalism with its “selling,” and consumerism with its “buying,” approach saturation in the Western world, marketing, as a discipline, finds itself facing an increasingly difficult proposition – “how can it sell more to consumers who have everything and refuse to be sold to?

Brand Relevance

In a world of too many brands for human cognition to make sense of, a successful brand needs to stand for something that actually matters. What makes brands enduringly relevant today is the way their enterprise impacts the society, its culture, the environment, the world, and values which aren’t consumer-driven considerations.