Thursday, July 18, 2024

What Is Intellectual Capital?


Intellectual Capital, which during 2000 accounted for over one-tenth of the U.S. GDP, or one trillion dollars, is usually divided into seven areas:
  • The Brand, an on-going identity conveying the values of the enterprise, its products and services, and ultimately its role in the customer or consumer’s lifestyle.
  • Intellectual Property and Goodwill, to include trademarks, patents, licenses, trade secrets, and Intellectual Property Strategies.
  • The active intelligence, energy, and creativity of an organization, including knowledge, know-how, trade secrets, information, data, and the ability to innovate and to take products and services to the marketplace.
  • Corporate Culture, with its ways of doing business, its rituals, and its practices.
  • The people, with their abilities, talents, and relationships.
  • The experience and history of the organization and its “Corporate Memory.”
  • Intellectual materials, or the work product of the day, which is the new capital used to create new wealth.

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